Kaia & Kaden - Baby Snowflakes

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Kaia & Kaden Twin Newborn Session

As a birth and newborn photographer I get to witness many miracles. This year I gave back to the community by photographing a local infertility support group called The Walk Of Hope. What an amazing group of people to be around! Not to mention there are so many miracle babies! I had a permanent smile on my face. I left this walk wanting to do something more.

scottsdale newborn photographer

One day while in a local mom’s group that I am in I stumbled upon Rachael’s post to the group telling us updates about her infertility process.

After reading her fertility/pregnancy updates to the group, it made me want to reach out to her. I am so glad I did. I’m going to share with you Rachael and Justin’s story. Get out the kleenex because this story will touch your heart. And if you don’t believe in miracles get ready. Because you will be witnessing something amazing.

“He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted” -Job 5:9

scottsdale newborn photographer

Rachael and Justin, fell in love after meeting as next door neighbors! After dating for two years they got married in February of 2007.  They knew they wanted children right away and began trying. But Rachael had a feeling early on, that something was wrong. After seeing a Reproductive Endocrinologist they found out her fallopian tubes were destroyed from appendicitis that she had when she was 14. Her tubes were inflamed and causing other problems so she had two surgeries to remove them and clean up the scar tissue in hopes to save her ovaries. Her surgery was a success but during surgery the doctor diagnosed her with having endometriosis. Justin and Rachael knew that In Vitro Fertilization or IVF would be their only hope. They tried their first round of IVF in November of 2007. Sadly, that round did not work. After saving the funds and becoming emotionally ready to try again they went in for another cycle on June 2009 which ended in the same negative results. To say they were discouraged at this point would be an understatement. After this cycle they sought a second and third opinion where they found a new doctor with a new perspective. They were willing to IVF a 3rd and final chance, they had hope that this third time would be a charm.  In July of 2012 they did their THIRD IVF cycle and they got pregnant!! But at 8 weeks, Rachael miscarried. Justin and Rachael were extremely heartbroken and discouraged.They didn’t know if they could go through anymore heartache and loss anymore.

scottsdale newborn photographer

scottsdale newborn photographer

One day Rachael saw this quote: “Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb, that’s where the fruit is.” It gave her a friendly reminder of how strong she was and what they were fighting for was the  most beautiful and precious part of life. Thankfully in their third cycle they brought embryos to freeze. They had little snowflakes waiting for them.

            In November of 2012 Rachael and Justin did a frozen embryo transfer and found out a few days after Rachael’s birthday that they were expecting a healthy rainbow baby. Her pregnancy was healthy and normal. On August 6th, of 2013 Justin and Rachael welcomed their first daughter Avery into the world.  


Are you crying yet?

scottsdale newborn photographer

After Avery turned 18 months old they did another frozen embryo transfer in February 2015. In March Rachael and Justin found out they were pregnant again!! They could not believe how incredibly blessed they were after six and a half years of struggling to build their family. After having points in their life of not knowing if they would ever have children they were thrilled.  Like any other mom, Rachael’s intuition told her that something was very different about this pregnancy. And at their six week ultrasound it was confirmed that the Adam’s family would be expecting twins! They were overjoyed!  It wasn’t the easiest pregnancy, but it was worth every moment for their precious babies. On November 11,2015 Kaia Cassie and Kaden Christopher came into the world!

scottsdale newborn photographer

Every day Rachael wakes up she is blessed. And is living a dream that came true.

 Congratulations Adam’s family! No words can describe how much I loved spending time with you! So happy that you guys got your three beautiful miracle snowflake babies!