Phoenix Birth Photographer - Happy BIRTHday Baby Carlin

I remember sitting in my car and having a feeling that I needed to text the mom I was on call for and see how she was doing. I had been on call for her birth now for two weeks. Her due date was approaching. I literally could not get her out of my mind. I sent her a text only to find out that,  mom was in labor! Talk about a God thing, right?

phoenix birth photographer

I was excited for this photoshoot because I knew it would be more than taking pictures of a beautiful newborn: I would be documenting mom and dad’s journey to becoming parents. Not only would I be documenting their journey into parenthood. But I would also be documenting the moment that they found out the gender of their baby! I love photographing newborns. But birth stories tug at my heart strings. To be able to capture this memory for parents, is always an honor.

Phoenix birth photographer

Mom and Dad booked me before mom was even out of her first trimester! She had found me on Instagram and had been following me since. I was over the moon excited for them. I truly felt that not only had I gained another set of amazing clients but I had also gained new friends. It was such an honor to capture these intimate photos and videos. They will forever be reminders of the day their precious baby had blessed the world with their presence.Phoenix birth photographer

I met the parents-to-be at Babymoon Inn, a birth center in Phoenix. At this birth center mom could have a natural water birth. She was tended to by the Babymoon Inn Midwives, who did a fabulous job keeping her calm and focused on the end goal of baby.

Dad was extremely supportive throughout the birthing process. He doted on momma and was so attentive to her needs. Grandma and Grandpa drove all the way from New Mexico to witness the birth. I love how supportive grandma was to Mom! It was amazing to witness this family come together to bring this sweet babe into the world.

phoenix birth photographer

Mom was so inspiring. She breathed through each contraction like a pro. Even though I was there to observe, she was so focused that at times I felt like I was simply a fly on the wall. The moments of pain and then relaxation came and went and I managed to snap pictures of it all.

Phoenix birth photographer

When it was finally time to push, I realized I had forgotten my tripod. But our amazing nurse offered to shoot a video to help document the baby's surprise gender reveal. I would not have been able to capture that on video without her help! They say ‘a picture’s worth a thousand words’, I felt that capturing the miracle of life at the moment it’s happening definitely warranted video. Especially when Mom and Dad were going to be the one's announcing what gender their precious baby was. What an amazing moment to capture!

Phoenix birth photographer phoenix birth photographer

phoenix birth photographer

In what felt like a flash, the baby had emerged from the water. Mom and Dad were elated. Actually all of us in the room were pretty overcome with emotion. A moment after soaking in their fresh new baby they decided to find out baby's gender.

phoenix birth photographer

It's a girl!! Savannah Grace was born in the wee hours of the morning.

phoenix birth photographer phoenix birth photographer

It was such a special day for the Carlin family and I feel honored to have been able to observe it all.

Phoenix birth photographer phoenix birth photographer phoenix birth photogrpaher

Congratulations once again Carlin Family! Welcome to Parenthood!