Phoenix Newborn Photography - Baby Brielle

Every baby is a fabulous mix of their parents. So I was thrilled to photograph sweet baby Brielle with props that truly show where and who she comes from.

Phoenix newborn photography

Both her mom and dad are originally from Washington State. They learned about my studio through Glendale-based OBGYN Dr. Desiree Brotsky. I am honored that I’ve had the opportunity to work with many of Dr. Brotsky’s patients and their little ones. Working with Brielle’s family was so much fun.

This little angel’s Mommy was a photographer in the Evergreen State. She brought along an amazing prop from her old studio to our shoot. Positioning Brielle under a sleeping moon was so easy. That baby was out like a light! She looked so peaceful…as though she were in a story book.
Phoenix Newborn Photographer
Brielle’s Daddy is a chef and wanted to bring his love of cooking to the shoot. We had a great time arranging the set to reflect his culinary passions. We used Dad’s first set of cooking instruments and a mixing bowl. And seriously, there is nothing cuter than a baby in a bowl surrounded by ingredients. It’s artistic and delicious!
Phoenix Newborn Photographer
Another key part of our photoshoot also had to do with Dad. He is of Native American heritage and chose to include a pink chief blanket in the pictures. It was so special to photograph Brielle while paying homage to part of her lineage.
Phoenix Newborn Photographer
This photoshoot was a bit of a departure from The Baby Whisperer studio’s traditional look. I tend not to gravitate toward bright colors, but including them in this set up was extremely important and I believed it warranted an exception.
Phoenix Newborn Photographer
Of course, I still got to include my favorite elements!
I adore the family-of-three shots. There’s nothing better than watching a mom and dad gaze into each other’s eyes while they hold their newborn together. It’s as though you can read their minds and what they’re saying — incredulously, of course — is:
We made this.
Phoenix Newborn Photographer
Congrats again Mom and Dad! It was a pleasure to photograph you!