Phoenix Family Photographer - What to Wear to your Family Session

I love having a friend as our studio stylist! Hannah is amazing and I recently asked her to share her fashion knowledge in a blog since Spring family minis are right around the corner! If you fall in love with the outfits that Hannah has put together, you can now have hannah style your family for your family session! Take it away hannah!

Dressing to impress is key when getting professional photos taken. 

When going to pick out an outfit or sometimes outfits for the family it is important to remember "keep it simple and neutral" 

You do not want everyone in matching outfits, rather you want to have the colors and styles coordinate. This is important so you don't end up with those 90's awkward family photos in the matching Levi's & button ups. 

For example, if you love the idea of jeans have the guys wear jeans and shirts in similar color but one fella could have a patterned neutral while the other has a plain one. The ladies can wear a cute dress or skirt and blouse that coordinates with the colors chosen. 



Remember that these family photos are meant to hang on your walls or being given out to family members. You are going to want them to be timeless and funky colors or themes may clash with the other decor in your home. 

Always always always look for inspiration photos of what you are wanting your family photos to look like; BUT this is vitally important, remember you are not the family in those photos. Use them as inspiration for outfit choices & styles.
Show them to your photographer so he/she can see your vision & what you are desiring to capture. 

If you are one of those people who NEEDS some color, not to worry; add a cute sweater or scarf which will add your pop of color in a photo. Color is not a bad thing but too many colors can clash in a photo so make sure to add pops of specific colors or patterns mixed with neutrals in order to get the look you are going for. 


Since photos are meant to capture your personality as a family, it is encouraged you bring props to incorporate that uniqueness into a few photos. For example, if you love an instrument such as the guitar incorporate that into a few photos. Or if you want to capture your toddlers love for Disney bring her/his favorite toy and have them pose for a few shots. This allow you to capture special moments and times but also get some classic shots in as well. 

Once you've chosen your outfits, the hard parts done. Now you get to relax and be your beautiful, wonderful selves while your photographer works their magic capturing your individual personalities & family dynamics in photos that you will treasure forever. 



Is fashion or selecting outfits not your thing? Do not fret because the Baby Whisperer photography offers complimentary outfit help and can point you in the right direction. If you need additional help, you can hire a personal shopper for a small fee to find the perfect outfit choices for your family.

Remember dressing to impress is key when taking professional photos. 

Happy Shopping!