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Newborn Photographer Phoenix - Baby Norah

Newborn Photographer Phoenix

Baby Norah


I met the Rivera family two years ago when I photographed their oldest son Peter when he was a newborn. I had just a taken a workshop and did a model call to try out my new techniques and several people referred this family to me. 


Momma is a teacher and Dad is a local church pastor. These people have hearts of Gold. They have become some of my favorite people to see.


Fast forward two years, and not only has my skills grown in ability (Thank the Lord!) but Momma is pregnant with baby Norah. Ya'll I think all women are gorgeous but Hannah is stunning when she is pregnant. She literally glows. We got together for their family mini session right before the holidays and I still swoon over this session.


Finally Norah arrived! I saw her when she was only fourteen days new. She rocked her newborn session like a champ, and her big brother Peter was so excited to have a younger sister. Norah's parents asked for my simple neutral style with a hint of florals....... And the turn out was beautiful.

This makes me want to start using florals at more sessions!



Little Norah is precious, Congrats again Rivera Family!

Phoenix Newborn Photographer - Mommy & Me Mini Sessions 2017

Phoenix Newborn Photographer - Mommy & Me Mini Sessions 2017

Phoenix Newborn Photographer - Mommy and Me Mini Sessions 2017 - What started out as a styled shoot with my idea of a mom and her sweet baby, quickly turned into meeting requests of women who wanted a magical session with their children in that field. Which then made me think, why not do mini sessions here?? And that's what happened....I plan to offer family sessions here in the fall! Keep your eyes open for session details and rates!

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Flagstaff Family Photographer - Garcia Family

Flagstaff Family Photographer

Garcia Family

I was so fortunate to photograph my fellow photographer and friend, Melissa Garcia and her amazing family. We had a relaxed family session in Flagstaff this last week. Melissa owns Oh! MG Photography, check her out. Her engagements and weddings are amazing!  Look at her gorgeous family! Isn’t her daughter just precious?

flagstaff family photographer

She then photographed his newborn, our engagement and our wedding. Needless to say she is OUR family photographer. (Until she moves in July..and even then I think a trip to California is in order) Since then she has become one of my truest and dearest friends. We are past the TMI and my favorite…"beat around the bush” stage. We tell it to each other straight, which is what I like most about us. When we first met bonded over our love of Starbucks, dollar stores, thrift shopping and best of all our antique shopping addictions. Melissa and I get each other.

flagstaff family photographer

We also talk about our crazy husbands and our even crazier kids.  Melissa’s husband serves the great U.S. Of A in the United States Marine Corps. Every three years they move :/ and I have no idea what I will do without her. We swap recipes of our inner fat child cravings. *The gluten free brownies she brought me at my wedding were delicious and very, very sinful.* I almost felt bad for not sharing them…key – word here is almost.

flagstaff family photographer

flagstaff family photographer

I love you guys a more than I could ever imagined. Thank you Garcia Family for your service. Without families who go through what you all go through; we would not have the freedom that this country was founded upon. Thank you for allowing me to photograph these special moments in time for you. It was an honor and a pleasure to do so.