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Phoenix Newborn Photographer - Patiently Waiting for Baby Scott

Phoenix Newborn Photographer - Patiently Waiting for Baby Scott

Leah and Bobby had prayed for a baby for a long time. After disappointment, loss and heartache they didn't know that God was going to bless them in a miracoulous way.

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Phoenix Newborn Photographer - Replacing the Title Business with Ministry

Phoenix Newborn Photographer - Replacing the Title Business with Ministry

I realized that I no longer had the desire to photograph for profit.

 Over the last year, after much prayer and faith; God laid it on my heart a couple years ago to create a ministry that provides complimentary portrait sessions to families in need.

This decision did not come easy to me. (I mean it took me 2 years to finally take the leap)

I worried about what would happen to my current clients.
I worried about how to be fair to my fellow photographers.
And I worried about how to distinguish families that are truly in need.

The reoccurring theme that can be noticed in the above statement is: worry.

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Phoenix Newborn Photographer - Meet Lillian

Phoenix Newborn Photographer  

Meet Lillian


Lillian has to be one of the sweetest babies I have ever met. She’s always full of smiles! Almost a year later, I haven’t seen this little girl without a smile on her face. She is always so happy! I can definitely say that is something she got from both of her parents, especially her mom. Regina is never negative, the glass is always half full and she always as a joke or two up her sleeve. Her laughter like Lillian’s is contagious. I met Lillian’s mom when we worked together at a local furniture company designing living rooms! This was before I finally decided to take the plunge and go full time with my business. I remember her looking at me saying “When I finally have a baby you are going to take their pictures”, and it totally happened.


But life wasn’t always rainbows and sunshine’s for Regina, when she was 20 weeks pregnant with Lillian she had the scare of a lifetime. She suffered from a spontaneous epiderma hematoma in her spine from C4-C7. Surgery was her only option, and with this surgery came risks, not only to Regina but baby Lillian who was still growing inside. Before surgery she was already starting to have trouble with losing feeling and it was starting to spread throughout her body. Regina had a partial laminectomy where a small bone sliver was removed and the hematoma was sucked out. Without this life saving surgery, she would have been paralyzed from the neck down. Doctors think that it was a combination of  her excessive morning sickness causing the blood vessels to weaken with an explosive burst in blood pressure, and then moving the wrong way that caused the blood vessel to pop. There are less than 20 cases of this condition during pregnancy since 1865.


Today Regina and Lillian are doing amazingly well, they just pulled off some of the best Halloween costumes I have ever seen. The surgery left Regina with a three inch scar from the base of her head to the top of her shoulders. In Lillian’s newborn session she asked if there would be some way to incorporate it into a photo, as a reminder to both of them how strong they were through this process. When we saw the final product both of us had tears! All I have to say is thank goodness for modern day medicine! It saved two lives that day. And I am so grateful to have both of these beautiful girls in my life.